Do you know the power of the EREY concept?  What could the Rotary Foundation do if every Rotarian contributed $100 minimum every year to the Rotary Foundation? Eradicate polio? More water projects? Starving children?  Grants to our club? It's all possible if we each do our part.

President Noel reminded us that we should all make this contribution every year.  Our Club makes it practically painless by adding an optional charge of $25 to the quarterly billing.  Currently, 23 of our 28 members are contributing to the cause.  $25 in a 90-day period works out to only 28 CENTS per DAY.  You will never get a BIGGER bang for your buck than that!

If you are already contributing regularly ... be proud of what your contribution has meant to Rotary.  If you are not contributing, please join us to make Prescott Frontier Rotary an "EREY" club and help change the world!