Tammy has been an active member of our Rotary Club, (especially at RYLA and our winetasting event) until recent months, when the demands of her Prescott City Council position became too much.  She submitted the following letter to all of us, since she is moving to North Dakota soon.  All of us in Rotary thank her for her service wish her well!  Her email for a short time is tlinn@cableone.net.
 Dear Frontier Rotary Friends, 
The last year has been a challenging, yet rewarding  year for Steve/I and our three sons.  However, for me, it's been a bit more "challenging" than rewarding.  As you all know, when I joined Rotary a several years ago, I was able to attend meetings regularly.  Then, after being elected to City Council (which I loved), Tuesdays were filled with meetings and my attendance was not where I would like it to have been.  And, other personal, health and professional situations over the past year, were a bit more than we could deal with.
Consequently, looking at our core values of God, family and health, Steve accepted a job in our "hometown" of Fargo, ND.  His elderly mom lives there alone (Steve's dad died 8 years ago).  He will be one mile from the hospitall; the younger boys will be able to ride bike or walk to school (they have no clue what 50 below zero feels like though); my eldest will be in the inaugural class of a brand new high tech high school; we'll be able to save money for the boys' future education; and I will be able to either pursue a doctorate or work f/t or p/t or both.  There are so many jobs in the state with the unemployment of less than 3%.  But, if you've ever been in Fargo or ND in the winter, it is not for the weak of heart.  Steve/I grew up there and lived the first 26 years of our lives there.
I was hoping to get to Rotary today, but two moving companies are coming from Phoenix to bid our move (I was given movers that Steve's company contracts with--they are paying our expenses) and I need to be home for a four hour time period during Rotary.  Plus, I don't know if I have enough $1 bills to attend!
Please know that I have loved my participation in Rotary and especially the High Ropes program.  I have already been in contact with two high school friends in Fargo who are in Rotary.  Like Prescott, there are multiple Rotary groups.  When I get the children settled (the boys and I move in 2 weeks) and Steve moves (October), I will consider my options.  But, right now, my "job" is to make sure our children adapt and know that they can count on me during and after this life transition.
Thank you for all your friendships and support.  I leave Prescott knowing that Frontier Rotary will keep our children and their reading in the forefront and that future leaders will continue to come out of this amazing group.
In good character,
Tammy A. Linn