RYLA Ropes Course Volunteers - there are few hoops you need to jump through in order to fulfill your dream of volunteering for RYLA.

1. You need to register as a RYLA volunteer. 
2. You need to complete a background check.  
3. You need to let President Noel know that you've done both, or you need to let him know if you are having problems with either and he will walk you through it.
4.  You need to do these tasks ASAP, because the deadline for registering as a volunteer is Dec 20th.  
5.  And, THANK YOU!!!!!

Here's how to get started:
1. Registering as a volunteer for RYLA:  NOTE: You will need to download a picture of yourself into the application.  So first, make sure you have a picture to download from your computer. Then, Go to:   http://www.ryla5490.org/  Click on "Applications"  Read and follow the directions.

NOTE:  These directions and the applications are generic - for students, youth leaders and adult volunteers.  If you think the information being asked for is too personal or confidential - especially on the page asking for medical information, just do what I did - fill in in a few "*****" and move on.  

2.  Background check:  This is required, and - heads up - you do need to fill in all of the spaces, including your SS#.  Go to:  Rotary5490Youth.volunteerportal.net  The password is "5490rye5490"

You should receive acknowledgements from a member of the RYLA committee that you have completed each form correctly.  Thanks again, and don't for get to let Noel know when you have successfully completed these forms.