The United Way Donation Center for the victims of the Yarnell Fire is located behind Big Lots on Gail Gardner Way in Prescott.

They are still going strong. Not only are they still satisfying the daily and immediate needs of the Yarnell residents, they are also focused on the long term needs of the residents, especially those that lost their homes. 

Here is the current list of the donations they need;
  1. Pop-up structures (like tents)
  2. Canned chicken and tuna
  3. Food (non perishable, not expired)
  4. Cooking oils (oils, sprays, shortening)
  5. Sugar fee and diabetic food
  6. Cleaning supplies
  7. Full sized hair conditioner
  8. Fans (box and standing)
  9. Tools
  10. Large 40 gallon trash bags
  11. Laundry detergent
  12. Paper towels
  13. Bath tissue
  14. Insecticide
  15. Money - all money donated at the center goes to help the Yarnell residents.
They also need, for longer terms needs (once people get their homes rebuilt)
  1. Furniture
  2. Washers and Dryers
  3. Refrigerators
The donation center is open at 10am Tuesday through Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday).

They still need VOLUNTEERS - whatever time you can give. They said it really lifts the spirits of the Yarnell residents when they come in and see members of the community there volunteering to help them.

They also need help from people who have a truck. If you have one (and who doesn't?), and can help, drop by the center and leave your phone number. They can then call you when someone wants to donate something big, but they need someone to go pick it up.

Please also see this website for the latest info -